Art for All the Senses 2016-2017

In 2015 the COESI charity was successful in securing Awards for All Big Lottery funding for Research and Consultation in preparation for running an Art for All the Senses Project in the NE region starting in 2016.

Our idea was to create an opportunity for people with sensory impairments (as well as other disabilities) to develop art work, culminating in an exhibition each year which stimulates the senses. 

We ran a consultation process to ensure we heard the views of key stakeholders in the Teesside area so that we could evidence the need in this region for activities that help people to engage in their communities, and to support our main application for lottery funding. Unfortunately we have been unsuccessful with our Reaching Communities funding application but we have learned a great deal from the consultation process and are looking again at how to make progress in this area of work.

Our intention is to work with and support people with a range of sensory impairments and disabilities :-

- people who are blind or have a visual impairment

- people who are deaf and hard of hearing

- people with learning disabilities and sensory impairments

- people with mental ill health and sensory impairments

- children and young people with special needs

- people with physical disabilities and sensory loss

We would run a number of workshops to give people the  chance to experience

different types of art and craft work and to then choose their preferred medium.

Experienced artists would then work with individuals to support them to prepare

one or two large items of work for exhibition.


Through this process we would create a range of artwork and display it at one or more local exhibitions making it as accessible as possible using known formats and new technology.
The exhibitions would be promoted to attract local and national media attention and we would monitor and evaluate their success.
Those involved could continue to engage with the art community and work with us to support further developments, with potential for ongoing activities for all groups.

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