Sensory and Disability Awareness Training

The Centre of Excellence for Sensory Impairment charity has a unique approach to sensory loss and disability awareness training which is tailored to the organisation and its staff and focuses on its specific relationship with the public, enabling it to contribute to society and be more inclusive

All people should have equal rights and equal access to the environment and services and our training is designed to help organisations understand the meaning of this goal and to change their focus to recognise peoples’ abilities and to identify changes in work practices and plan strategies to implement positive change.

The training covers Disability Equality and also awareness which focuses on the experiences of people with impairments and conditions- any of which could be experienced by all of us at any time in our life journey.

Why it is needed

Organisations are legally required to accommodate people with disabilities and by understanding disability and equality, an organisation can improve its quality of service to all customers and to its staff.

It can also help the organisation to expand its customer base and its ability to recruit from a greater pool of potential employees.

Examples of some outcomes from the course:

  • To have a clear understanding of the definition of disability, covering sensory and physical impairments 
  • key principles for being dementia-friendly
  • About the social model of disability and how it can be empowering for disabled people
  • To understand how to use a range of alternative communication formats
  • To be able to use appropriate and inclusive language and behaviour
  • To understand the current disability legislation including the Equality Act 2010
  • To focus on how to identify changes in work practices specific to the organisation and plan strategies to implement positive change
  • Resources that can be used for in-house staff training and induction

As a national charity specialising in holistic services we have a wide range of experience and understanding of the barriers disabled people face.

Training is usually based around two half day sessions of 3 hours each, and we will deliver training sessions at an organisation’s premises.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your needs.

Email – or telephone 01287 204204.