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Strategic Planning - update on Network activity April 2017

We have now prepared a mapping tool for use by our contacts and lead organisations in each of the 5 Boroughs in the Tees Valley and Cleveland region, and will start work with our Network members on assembling information on current services.

We have also been very fortunate to have a Teesside University student – Liam Molloy- joining us in April  to do some research over the next two months on the local and national picture.

We are hoping to bring in representatives from hearing loss charities including Hearing Dogs and to make contact with a local Carers organisation to ensure we cover broader issues in our research and planning for future service provision.

We will update this website page again in June on our progress.

Strategic Planning for Sensory Services- North East

COESI is a member of the Tees Sensory Support Services Network in the NE Tees Valley region.

Over the last three years a COESI Board member has attended Network meetings, worked with local organisations and made contact with other local support groups for people with sensory impairments. This work is rooted in the COESI Constitution.

A central group from the Network are now looking at how we might take forward the work required to develop a strategy for the future commissioning of services for people with sensory impairments across the Tees Valley Region.

A draft work plan has been developed and a service mapping tool and in April 2017 we will have a student from Teesside University with us to do some research on published data and evidence of need. COESI is leading on the project together with Action for Blind People.

Over the next 9 months our aim is to:

  • Map services across the region

  • Research evidence of need

  • Consult and engage with people with sensory impairments to agree priorities

  • Develop a strategy for the region

  • Present this to the lead commissioners

Accessing Art and Culture in the Community – Social Activities

In October 2016 we were successful in securing Big Lottery Awards for All funding to run new social activities in the Tees Valley region for people with visual impairments. Read all about them here.

This project is running till September 2017 and is proving very popular. We are looking at the possibility of extending it to other places in the UK.

Art for All the Senses 2015 – 2016

In June 2015 the COESI charity was successful in securing a small grant from the Big Lottery Awards for All funding programme for Research and Consultation about the potential to run an Art for All the Senses Project in the NE region starting in 2016. Read about how the project developed here:




News Archive

Autumn 2016

New Board Members  At our AGM on Friday 1st of July 2016 we elected two new Board members to our team. Read more about our team and our Directors.

April 2016

Living Paintings session in Saltburn by the Sea    

On the 13th of April two volunteers from the Centre of Excellence for Sensory Impairment ran a Touch to See Living Paintings session for the Saltburn Visually Impaired group.

LivingPaintings is a national charity which provides tactile, written and audio resources for the appreciation and understanding of art works.

There were 10 attendees with varying levels of sight loss and we used the Love Story set of two tactile images and their audio descriptions:  the Meeting of Jacob and Rachel painted by William Dyce and The Kiss stone sculpture by Constantin Brancusi. The feedback was very useful and a number of people were interested in attending further sessions.

We are looking at how to raise some funding to enable us to run regular group meetings across the Tees Valley region using galleries or libraries in different areas. From our recent research we know there are many more people who would like to participate. We have ordered a new set of pictures and look forward to organising more events in 2016.

March 2016

Art Project Newsletter -  Read about the outcome of our research for the Art for All the Senses Project.

January 2015

New Director joins the Board - Read about our Team and our Directors      

June 2015

Art for All the Senses - The COESI charity was successful in securing Awards for All Big Lottery funding in 2015 for Research and Consultation in preparation for running an Art for All the Senses Project in the NE region starting in 2016. Read more about the project...     

Autumn 2015

Sensory Awareness training - COESI has developed a new training course for sensory and disability awareness- read more on our Training page

Doorstep Crime Prevention Project 2012/2013

Working with Trading Standards, COESI made a successful application in 2012 to the Big Lottery Awards-for-All fund for a grant to produce a range of information for people about preventing doorstep crime in accessible formats and a video.

Read more about it and access the project resources here: